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The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called to Change the Conversation

You may have heard it said that you can’t have a testimony without a test. For Cheryl, that test is defined by her siblings’ schizophrenia—siblings, plural—a test that Cheryl keeps retaking. How do you respond to life’s tests?

  • Simply survive the test
  • Strive to fix everything
  • Thrive with confidence

Cheryl has responded in all three ways. When she felt like she had no control, she survived the test while making life-altering “choices,” including abortion. After she educated herself about schizophrenia, she strived to fix everything. 

After her fourth (and certainly not her final) test, Cheryl paused to reflect on how she learned to respond to her siblings’ schizophrenia in a thriving way without stressing out or neglecting her own needs and to reflect on how the abortion conversation needs to change.

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Endorsements of ReTested

Abby Johnson says...

“You just don’t know what people have encountered in life until you walk in their shoes. Cheryl’s raw memoir gives you a walk in the shoes of an abortion-minded woman both before and after crisis.”

Abby Johnson is the author of Unplanned and the founder of And Then There Were None.

Kim Ketola says...

“Abortion affects all of us whether we know it or not. ReTested provides much-needed insight into the pro-choice mindset and the pressures women face before having their choices dictated to them. A compelling memoir that demonstrates how suffering neglect often causes women to dehumanize their own children in the abortion decision. But more, in ReTested there is hope and redemption and grace.”

Kim Ketola is a broadcaster, writer, speaker, and the author of Cradle My Heart

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