Online Courses

MybodyMyworship is designing in-person courses as well as online courses. We are piloting the first sex-education course fall 2019 via video conferencing.

All about sex

This first class covers the following topics:

  • Who God Is & Who We Are in His Sight
    Since God is love, we will learn the differences among eros, philo, and agape love and how those definitions influence our views of sex and love.
  • Why God Created Sex
    (hint: not just for procreation)
  • NeuroScience: God's Plan for Filling the Earth
    In the last 20 years, research has been published on how our brains respond to sex. We'll talk about which hormones are released during sexual contacteverything from intercourse to hugs!and how those hormones make us feel.
  • NeuroScience: What Happens When Things Don't Go As Planned
    The neuroscience research also explains why there are jealous ex-boyfriends and women who stay with the wrong guy.
  • Biology: God's Plan for Filling the Earth
    This is the unit that you learned when you took sex ed.
  • Biology: What Happens When Things Don't Go As Planned
    We'll be doing a lot of math in this unit. We'll calculate how many people we're exposed to when we have multiple partners. We'll learn what STIs/STDs are and how/whether barrier contraceptives protect us. We'll learn why pregnancy contraceptives that are 99% effective still result in pregnancy. We'll learn about all sorts of contraceptives, how they work, what the side effects are, and their effectiveness. We will learn the emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. 
  • Dating or Courting?
    We'll discuss the difference between dating and courting, how to find the right man or woman, how to know if you're in love or lust, and what to do or not do when you're together.
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
    We'll talk about how to be safe ourselves and how to help others out of unsafe situations.
  • Worshiping God with Our Whole Bodies
    God, the Bible, and worshiping Him--we'll end with remaining questions, Bible study showing what it means to be the temple of the Lord, and really good music.

More Online Courses

Future courses may include:

Sanctity of life

In order to talk effectively with the abortion-minded, we need to fully understand the implications of abortion. This course will answer questions like these:

  • What does the Bible say about abortion? 
  • What happens spiritually to someone responsible for an abortion? 
  • What do I say to people who have been involved in an abortion? 
  • How can we pray to end abortion in the church and in society? 

This course will be appropriate for anyone old enough to know what abortion is.

Worshiping God through All Life Tests

This course will help you to get in the daily habit of worship through both music and prayer and will encourage you to worship God during life's tests.

This course will be appropriate for high schoolers and adults.

more than online courses

Although not an online course, watch for a book study to accompany ReTested: The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called to Change the Conversation.

The above online courses will also be available as in-person courses taught by Cheryl Krichbaum. For more information, contact us.

None of our courses tell people what to wear or not wear. We will discuss the reactions of those who see what we wear; however, that discussion will include what both women and men wear. The authors of the MybodyMyworship courses are raising men and find it just as important to talk about what they wear as what women wear.

All courses focus on each of us being reverently and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and loved by God (John 3:16-17) and recognize that we are one in Christ Jesus (Galatian 3:28).