Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl Krichbaum, author and speaker, helps pro-life Christians reach the abortion-minded so that abortion within The Church is reduced from 36% to 0%.

Cheryl understands the pro-choice movement very well because she used to be one of them! She had an abortion in high school, volunteered for a pro-abortion advocacy group, and even counter-protested Christians who were praying around an abortion clinic. She knows what she did was wrong. She has asked God's forgiveness--and He has given it! 

You can read Cheryl's story in the following blog posts: Faces of Abortion and Forgiveness and Peace that Passes All Understanding, watch her testimony on Facebook, or read her memoir titled ReTested.

Dear Christian Sisters,

Please join me in helping women heal from the hurts of multiple sexual partners and from abortion. Let's not just heal but learn that God loves us so much that He doesn't want the pain of abortion and multiple sexual partners for us. He doesn't make laws to restrict us but to protect us from emotional pain and brokenness.

The pro-life movement usually talks about babies, trying to convince the abortion-minded that killing babies is wrong--and it is wrong.

But the pro-choice movement is talking about women and women’s rights, not babies. Women choose abortion because they think it’s best for themselves.

That's not true. I know this from personal experience. I know this because the research says so.

So, let's tell the truth to women--from woman to woman.

Let's learn together:

  • what happens to us spiritually and scientifically when we have an abortion.
  • how to share the hope of Christ to those who are considering an abortion.
  • what happens to us spiritually and scientifically when we have sex outside of marriage.

Let's heal generations of women--women older than me and women younger than me.

Let's spark revival!

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In Christ,