As for me and my body, I will worship the Lord!

MybodyMyworship provides online sex education courses for your tweens, your teens, and you to take in the privacy of your own home. The courses are biblical plus full of neuroscience, medical, and psychological research. Turns out that all our scientific studies show that God was right!

Thirty-six percent of women who are aborting go to church at least once per month (Abortion and the Church by Care Net 2016). What about the men who got them pregnant? We don't know.

Why don't women know that God loves them so much that he doesn't want abortion for them?

Most women who abort are pregnant out of wedlock (although the numbers of married women who abort are rising). So why do we talk about abortion without talking about sex?

Much of The Church has forgotten the sanctity of sex and some of the The Church have forgotten the sanctity of life.

Why do we expect God to move in the politics of abortion

  • when we do not know the difference between the holy and the profane ourselves?
  • when we do not follow His precepts?
  • when we do not value our own bodies, which He created for us in His image?

If we are going to end abortion within The Church, in the United States, and around the world, we have to re-educate ourselves and change how we live.

MybodyMyworship is here to help re-educate The Church on the sanctity of life and the sanctity of sex. We are designing courses and conferences that teach not just what God says but what scientific, secular research has proven.

In addition, MybodyMyworship publishes the Faces of Abortion Series of books, which tell the stories of post-abortive women and men who are now healed and Christian. The goal is not to justify abortion but to help the pro-life movement understand what leads women to abort and men to support or pressure for those abortions. The series also shows the spiritual and psychological consequences of abortion.

We pray that you'll join us in prayer, worship, and re-education to end abortion in The Church and around the world.